AAV Alumni Connections

Thank you for your interest in contacting our prospective students. They appreciate the opportunity to chat about all things K with YOU! 
Here’s how it works:

  • Students can request to connect with an alum through our website; the request will be advertised to AAV members via the opportunity emails.
  • When a request comes in, we reach out to the alum on the AAV list that we feel is the best fit for the student’s interests
  • Once you agree to chat, we'll connect you via email and let the two of you take it from there!
  • It’s wonderful for our counselors to know how the conversation went. Was the student engaged? Do you think they would be a good fit for K? Anything specific they shared with you that would be a good talking point for their admission counselor when they reach out to the student? Feedback regarding your connection call can be emailed to aav@kzoo.edu.
  • We'll always be available for support if needed.
Mailing Address
Mailing Address